Jolly plantings

We had a bumper crop of volunteers for our third anniversary dig day (yes our lovely garden is three years old!). It was a joy and a pleasure to give the newbies a tour of the beds and share the history, but then it was time to get planting.

First up were about 50 leeks needing a new home. They were raised from seed in a make-shift nursery against my apartment block’s sunny rear wall and having got to about 7 inches tall were itching to stretch their roots and upsize their accommodation.

A leek planting demo my the marvelous Margie

A leek planting demo by the marvelous Margie

We like to train them up young...

We like to train them up young…

Sophia and Felicity give the leeks a lovely long drink

Sophia and Felicity give the leeks a lovely long drink

Then it was time to inspect the emerging broccoli (and find space for more leeks). There is just a tiny head poking through at present, but it’s super exciting to watch it grow.


Oh ho, how does the broccoli grow!


More leeks…

The kids were keen to do the watering!


The pink watering can is a favourite of all

Then it was mulch time. It’s so good to keep a layer of mulch over the soil to stop unnecessary water evaporation.


Mulch me up


Sarah also sprinkled over some blood and bone


Mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch

And finally it was time for a lovely cuppa. Thanks for your help everyone!


OooOOoo a lovely cuppa after a hard morning’s yakka



About Penny Jones

Penny Jones is a Sydney-based freelance writer and photographer specialising in inspirational writing for leisure and 'plain English' writing for business. She has a particular interest in adventure, conservation, the power of the community and self development as well as a healthy passion for highlighting the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people.
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