Costa meets Costa at the garden in the park…

Hear ye, (ding-a-ling) hear ye!

I’ve just got to tell you about the wondrous August working bee as the September one is already hot on our heels…

Cooo, what a great turn out. It seems that there is nothing like the kiss of spring sunshine to get green fingers a-moving. So what did we all get up to?

  • The usual walk and talk around the beds and compost bins, weeding, trouble-shooting, marvelling at our newly-growns and planning the planting activities of the day.
  • It was ace to see so many kids among the crew and we gave them the important job of painting and decorating the compost bin. Also in a fit of recycling, we’d claimed a polystyrene box that was littering the park and it needed jazzing up before we could use it as a planter box.

Compost your food scraps at the garden in the park

  • We discovered no less than 3 baby bumps within the gang – how exciting! Those lucky kids are gonna know a thing or two about fresh local produce! Perhaps a future activity will be weekly mums and bubs gardening session?

Baby bumps!

  • We gave some encouragement to a new local gardening buddy, who dropped by to gather some ideas on how to set up a raised garden bed on her local street – it’s funny to think that we’re now “experts” on verge gardens  having started out as complete novices ourselves!
  • Last, but certainly not least, we had our favourite local celebrity, Costa Georgiadis (star of the ABC’s Gardening Australia) drop by to donate some seedlings and pose with his namesake our scarecrow…can you tell the difference?

Costa meet Costa

It was a really beautiful day and as the remaining few of us sat down to a well-deserved piece of delicious sweet potato flan (homebaked by our wonderful friend Jewels) and some sweet mint tea, we all felt the delicious tingle of community spirit and felt the truth behind one of life’s paradoxes: in order to receive, you must give.

In order to receive, you have to give

In other news:

  • We’ve applied for the Waverley Garden Awards “Gardening Together” category so get your fingers and toes crossed for us!
  • Annie has been very patient and kind for letting us store the pond liner and left over gravel in her driveway, but seeing no further purpose for it we decided to try out FREECYCLE a newly discovered local distribution network for people to pass on their unused/unwanted stuff. What a fantastic service! Within 10 minutes of posting the goods on the site, I had takers and within a week it had all been picked up. If you’ve got stuff you want to shift, check it out…FREECYCLE
  • Join us at the next working bee….

Next dig day SUNDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 10am


About Penny Jones

Penny Jones is a Sydney-based freelance writer and photographer specialising in inspirational writing for leisure and 'plain English' writing for business. She has a particular interest in adventure, conservation, the power of the community and self development as well as a healthy passion for highlighting the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people.
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