The sun has got his hat on – hip, hip, hip horray!

Greetings one and all!

The sun has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip horray…don’t you just love Sydney winters! Mother Nature treated us to a glorious cloudless sky for the July dig day and happy were the gardeners to pull out our winter white limbs and soak up some vitamin D while planting out and cultivating vitamin’s A-Z!

Progress report on the new beds: The new garden beds’ wicking method (i.e. the reservoir we built under the soil that waters the plants from the roots) seemed to be working well but, as yet, the seedlings weren’t thriving. I suspect that onslaught of rain the week after we put the beds in didn’t help, but hopefully the worms and critters are working their magic below ground and the plants will perk up soon.

Jobs we concentrated on this week were:

  • The usual weeding, planting and compost turning
  • Stalking out the beans (which, by the by, were planted in memory of Anwar, a friend of one of our volunteers who died of cancer this year and are now reminiscent of Jack and the Beanstalk. Go Anwar’s beans!)
  • Scarecrow and sign maintenance (Costa needed a cuddle and the chalk board needed a fresh coat of varnish)
  • Painting and pimping up the new compost bin. As you can see from the pics below, it is now a burst of colour and has silver stars stuck all over the lid!

And then… After all that hard work…phew! We were in need of refreshment so sat down to a lovely picnic. Thanks to all volunteers including Di, Jules, Annie, Sarah and special thanks to Serena who has taken over Salla’s day on the watering roster while she is away in Europe.
Next dig day is on the 19th August so see you then!!!

Cheerio for now, Penny

Smiles all round for another successful day

Pimping up the compost bin!

Successfully pimped


About Penny Jones

Penny Jones is a Sydney-based freelance writer and photographer specialising in inspirational writing for leisure and 'plain English' writing for business. She has a particular interest in adventure, conservation, the power of the community and self development as well as a healthy passion for highlighting the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people.
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