The Beast of Waverley Park, arghhhhhhhh! It’s taking over the world!

Whistling a merry tune, I turn the corner and stop dead in my tracks. Wow! Lurking next to the compost bin, the Beast of Waverley Park eyes me off through numerous psuedo-fecund, rheumy yellow eyes. I approach slowly and carefully, with heart hammering I tiptoe through the tendrils and bend to examine the golden eyes. Alas the disappointment! Boo hoo…there is no worthy fruit.

What gardener out there can answer this simple question…why does the pumpkin plant try to take over the world but only produce measly fruit that wither before getting big and strong?

Feeling slightly guilty we make the decision to cull  it because it’s blocking access to the compost bin and with a mighty ‘heave-go’ we tug it asunder. Lucky eight year old Isobel gets the task of chopping it into little pieces for the compost bin and she has a fine old time making necklaces from the hollow stems.

The team is pumped today and we set-to with a tour of the garden beds to see what needs to be done. Jobs are given out with compost stirring for Penny, tip pruning, weeding, seed saving and seed planting for Sarah, Adam, Salla, Fieke and Richard. Adam and Isobel show their artistic flare by drawing a great new picture on the chalkboard and then Isobel waters the beds (and us on demand because the day is a scorcher). Adam quips that next time we should bring a water slide for an end of working bee death slide down the hill and the sweaty team all say aye to that!

We finish up with a freshly picked 10-variety salad from the garden, freshly brewed mint tea and cheese and crackers. Annie turns up in the nick of time to bring plates and cups, Bridget arrives with freshly baked muffins and Lance pops by to say G’day so we have a jolly old end of bee picnic having nice chats and putting together a watering roster for our freshly planted seeds that will need daily watering for a couple of weeks.

Lastly we divvy up the newly picked eggplants, tomatoes, warrigal greens and Thai basil before, I for one, walk away from the garden infused with an earthy kind of happiness and the knowingness of a job well done.

Look forward to seeing you soon at the garden, next bee is Sunday 18th March and there will be BREAKING NEWS about our planned garden extension. Yippeee!

Lots of love



About Penny Jones

Penny Jones is a Sydney-based freelance writer and photographer specialising in inspirational writing for leisure and 'plain English' writing for business. She has a particular interest in adventure, conservation, the power of the community and self development as well as a healthy passion for highlighting the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people.
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