All hail the community buzz!

Howdy green thumbs! Firstly a big thanks to all the Susty Streeters who came along on Sunday to make the dig day such a resounding SUCCESS – all hail the community buzz!

First we examined the plots and patted ourselves on the back because so many of our green friends were thriving; then we set about making improvements:

The wonderful Salla turned the compost; Sarah, Miles and Billie staked out the broadbeans and circled bed number 1 with trellis as our poor sweet peas got a bit of a battering in the wind last week and needed something to hang on to! Bridget and Adam did some great planting out, Annie – the absolute star – took some serious elbow grease to the compost bin to de-tag it and Prue and Nicola seeded some great ideas and marveled at the broccoli and curly kale before heading off to their second community engagement of the day!

Then it was time for the harvest! We all took a little something away (albeit some carried it in their tummies) from silverbeet to basil and lettuce to broccoli. Then decamped to Annie’s to discuss the next dig day called the “Spring Fling” a celebration of local food.

We’ve a tentative date of 25th September (which is the fourth not the third Sunday of September) and plans include a whole bunch of spring plantings (so start growing tomatoes to donate now) singing by a famous local eco-group, a cooking demo with culinary expert Sarah of a magical storytelling session. All TBC but watch this space for more. We’re all very excited!

See you soon…Penny

PS…extra special thanks to

  • Peter from Honeysuckle Nursery who (again) generously donated a bunch of plants and flowers including an amazing sugar substitute herb called Stevia and a plant to banish rheumatoid arthritis
  • Adam and his blessed Combi for helping me transport the plants to the dig day
  • Annie for providing post gardening refreshments in her lovely garden

About Penny Jones

Penny Jones is a Sydney-based freelance writer and photographer specialising in inspirational writing for leisure and 'plain English' writing for business. She has a particular interest in adventure, conservation, the power of the community and self development as well as a healthy passion for highlighting the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people.
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