Grab your hat…dig day is here!

Aero View - Google Earth sketch 1 By Lu Kovacevic

East View - Photo 1991 sketch 1 By Lu Kovacevic South View - Photo 1993 sketch 1 By Lu Kovacevic North View - Photo 1999 sketch 1 By Lu Kovacevic

Well it’s finally arrived. There has been a scurry of activities, and thanks to so many people the BIG DIG DAY is happening this Sunday… and 4 raised communal garden veggie beds are being in installed in Waverley Park – by the community – for the community!

So come join us on the day, and either observe or lend a hand. Below is a rough agenda for the day…. Waverley Park Communal Garden, @ St Marys Ave, Bondi, Sunday 22nd May

9:30am – Welcome
9:30am – Wicking beds assembly
11am – No dig garden bed construction
11:45am – Erect the Waverley Park Communal Garden sign (by local artist Emma Anna)
12pm – Planting!
1pm – Unveiling of Sustainability Street sign
1:15pm – Refreshments & Clean-up!

Ideal things to bring on the day include:

• A delicious plate of food (for a shared lunch break)
• Plants (please bring seedlings from the May temperate planting list at
• Wheelbarrow (for shifting mulch)
• Gardening gloves
• Trowel & Shovel
• Skills, smiles, kids, ideas, energy!

Look forward to seeing you there! Cheers, Chloe, Sarah & Penny.

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