Design and Thinking – Verge Garden in Waverley Park

garden design schetch

Launch date confirmed: 22 May 2011!

Below is a list of key aspects that relate to the making of the garden. This is just a start, so the list will grow and change.

Verge garden vision

  • A chemical free garden
  • An educational resource through every step in it’s journey, e.g. design, construction, pest mgmt., composting, etc
  • A shared & open community resource
  • No fences, no locks and no allocated plots


  • Organic and permaculture methods for building soil, plants, pest and water management.
  • A code of conduct to develop a process for managing decisions and any issues (look at those of other community gardens)
  • Educational workshops on sustainable gardening to be held at the plot
  • Eventually membership + small fee for ongoing costs?

Site layout and design

  • Council has agreed to allocated a 20x2m strip for a verge garden, along the fence line of the Youth Centre
  • Raised beds need to be 70cm from the fence so Council can cut the grass.
  • 3 beds will be installed, no more than 130cm wide and 3 m long.

Garden beds

Raised beds will be use so that:

  • They can be accessed without needing to bend down
  • Dogs can’t pee on the plants
  • They keep a garden looking tidy
  • Less weeds in raised bed gardens generally
  • Council can cut grass without damaging the structure

Some Options:

  • Corrugated iron with light/reflective surface.
  • Could go for a range of shapes – some taller, some longer and perhaps a round one. This would look nice.
  • The spaces in between garden beds could be used for demos of home made garden beds, e.g. stacked tyres for growing potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, etc

Material to fill the garden beds

  • No dig garden method is ideal for raised beds: less weeds, quick & cheap method for building healthy soil.
  • For the construction day – ask everyone to bring materials they may have to contribute.

What does it need?

  • Good Compost (some from existing Aerobin, purchase some)
  • Lucerne
  • Straw/Hay
  • Blood & Bone (optional)
  • Water between layers

The plants

  • Heat& drought tolerant
  • Some bush tucker/native edible plants
  • Herbs, small fruit bearing varieties

Rainbow chard   /  Parsley  /   Lemon grass   / Rosemary  /  Thyme  /  Curry bush  /  Lemon & lime trees (dwarf)  /  Cape gooseberries  /  Tamarillos  /  Silverbush – grows over the edge of the bed and shade the garden bed sides from sun/heat

Bush tucker: Warragal Greens  /  Finger limes  /  Native mint / Lemon myrtle


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