St Mary’s Ave Verge Garden Project Workshop Notes


A very positive start…thanks all to coming to the workshop and BIG hello to everyone else. Below are the notes from our sustainability street meeting on the 23rd Jan.

The Victory – an exercise in greening our imaginations…

It’s the day of the grand opening of the verge garden we can’t believe our eyes. The community has turned out to celebrate; grannies, kids, everywhere smiling faces and banners and flags and fun! There are workshops on growing bush tucker and native plants, there is the ceremonial planting of fruit trees, herbs, lettuce and cherry guava, there are games and new faces! Passers by are intrigued and welcomed, there is laughter and a real sense of community.


Later that evening as the worms and critters begin to explore their new playground, the plants (and their planters) go to sleep under a big glowing moon and dream big green dreams.

Reality Check!

Strengths: great climate, water tap nearby, local enthusiasm, huge momentum, we’ve got some $$$, great connections to other groups (i.e. Transition Bondi), neighbours are keen, Council support, it’s the right era – this is our time!

Benefits: community development, education, gardening prolongs your life, biofilia and mental health, addressing climate change and peak oil issues, empowering the people, great visibility in the park, delicious food, new friends, healthy fresh food, great pilot scheme, increase biodiversity

Weaknesses: small project, watering issues, vandals, little sunlight in winter, this is a pilot scheme so we don’t know what to expect

Dangers: group decision making issues/ avoiding arguments, keeping in touch with key stakeholders, possums/pests, growing unsuitable plants, theft, shared space issues, communication

Our Commitment:

To grow Waverley’s community through our garden

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